For over 20 years, Palrom Products has earned its reputation for quality, service and credibility to innovation in the hardwood lumber industry. We combine years of experience with technology and human resources to help our customers succeed. Palrom Products provides hardwood lumber solutions that reduce cost, increase yields, and deliver semi-finished and finished products when and where our customers need it.
Founded in 1999, the company has grown by selling high quality products manufactured in our own yard and sawmill.
We provide almost all over Europe beech products. However, we are not just in Europe, our history proves the credibility and quality achievements also for other markets like Japan, South Africa or the Arabic markets!
Palrom Products believes in using superior cutting/planing grade specific for each customer’s requirements in beech timber and chooses to exceed EN Standards quality grades. Our personnel look even closer to minimize also other appearance defects and to ensure that only the very best quality beech timber can be delivered according to customers’ requirements.
We invite you to CHALLENGE US to find the solutions that will help your business SUCCEED!
On behalf of the whole Palrom team,
Gabi Cioara